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The AWRA is a sanctioning body for WOMP slot car competition. Our goal is to set up a standardized set of rules that will be adopted nationwide to govern WOMP racing in the United States. These standards allow for fair and affordable competition and a focus for the industry to produce top quality products and services for race fans everywhere!


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If you would like for your raceway to become a Charter AWRA Raceway at no cost, or if you would like to host an AWRA event or run AWRA sanctioned weekly races, you can contact us at and we will reply quickly.

AWRA services to Charter and Associate raceways include helping to organize your event, making one or more event flyers for your approval and then posting those flyers on multiple slot car related Facebook pages in advance of the event, making 1st – 3rd place plaques and top qualifier badges for each race in the event, and making and posting a race report from your photos and results information after the event. The AWRA also keeps up-to-date records of race winners and points standings on our AWRA Facebook page.

The AWRA has two Facebook pages. The AWRA page is for news, upcoming events, race results, and occasional tech articles. The AWRA Rules For WOMP Racing is solely for accessing the current rules. 

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